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Reading ideas for your Wedding Ceremony


Choosing the readings for your wedding is one of the more relaxing tasks you may have to tackle. Whether you’d prefer a reading suited to a classic ceremony or are looking for something a little less traditional, there’s a diverse lot to choose from. If you’re struggling to find the words for your reading, we’re here to help!

Thinking About Style

Whether you choose to go for traditional scripture passages, meaningful poems or excerpts from a favourite book, you should try and choose a reading that sums you up as a couple. Think about a text or subject that’s close to your heart – something that will shed a light on the love that you and your future spouse share, and summarise your heartfelt feelings about each other. 

Going Biblical

If you’re having a traditional, religious wedding then the bible offers an abundance to choose from. A Church of England wedding is required to have at least one reading from the bible but you can include other poems or readings at your own will. 1 Corinthians, chapter 13 has long been heralded as a classic when it comes to wedding readings, but if you’re after something different and don’t know the bible off-by-heart, talking to your vicar can be the perfect way to find a passage which encapsulates you and your partner’s feelings. 

Thinking Outside the Box

The most important consideration when choosing your readings is to find something that’s meaningful to you and your partner, and these can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it be song lyrics, children’s books or a passage from a film, anything can make a cherished reading - so long as it is significant and verbalises your feelings for one another. On one hand, super serious readings can become arduous and boring – on the other it’s easy to fall into the over-comical and cheesy. If your chosen passage finds the right balance, it doesn’t matter where it comes from!

Writing your own Readings

For those who are brave enough to give it a go, writing your own reading can be a beautiful personal touch. Remember, a reading must be suitable for the type of ceremony that you are holding, which means it must be in keeping with the style of your wedding. Creating your own readings, poems or vows from scratch can lend intimacy to any type of wedding and will be intensely special and memorable. 

It’s All in The Delivery

Whether you are choosing a reader or practising your vows, it is important that the finished product is delivered clearly, confidently and sincerely – and this means practice. If you’re choosing someone to read, make sure they have the opportunity to try it out in front of an audience beforehand, and have plenty of time to go through your chosen passage. It’s important they don’t feel pressurised into reading, so that it comes off naturally on the day. So long as your readings are personal, meaningful and memorable, they’ll be an invaluable part of your wedding ceremony!