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Getting the right snaps, steps to finding the perfect photographer


Where to Begin?

Finding the perfect wedding photographer is a key part of the planning – after all when you’ve given your all to make your dream day a reality, you want the perfect album at the end of it. The right photographer will capture every magical element of your wedding, so that you can look back on it with joy long after the music, food and flowers have become a happy memory. This means it is important to find someone who will embrace the vibes and aesthetics of your big day perfectly. But how do you find them?

Word Gets Around

Chances are that if you have friends who have already found the perfect wedding photographer you’ll have heard about it before you even got a chance to ask! Often, friends share a similar style and a common budget, so they are a great place to start on your quest for the right candidate. If you love your friend’s wedding snaps, don’t be afraid to ask them if they can put you in touch.

Ask Someone in the Business

Another great source of information are the vendors that you’ve already contacted for your wedding. Maybe you’ve found a make-up artist you really trust, or an incredible florist – chances are they’ve worked with wedding photographers so ask them about their favourites. A lot of the wedding industry thrives on word-of-mouth, so you’re sure to find a few trusted recommendations with a bit of digging.

Check them on Instagram

Once you’ve managed to round up a few candidates, Instagram is the perfect place to check them out. This is the time for a perfectly acceptable little ‘stalk’ to see if someone you have in mind can capture the atmosphere and aesthetics of your dream wedding. It is also a fab way of finding out what you’re after. A quick search (using hashtags such as #weddingphotography) will give you plenty of inspiration, which you could even share with potential photographers to show them your idea of some flawless wedding snaps.

Pinpoint your Style

After you’ve had plenty of inspiration, you need to know exactly what style of photography you want. Discuss with your partner whether you are looking for more traditional portrait style photos, or natural, informal style shots – use a mood-board with other wedding photos, or even snaps from your last holiday, to decide what will suit you better. It’s important to consider your setting as well – are you getting married in a smaller, more intimate location or somewhere spacious and open?

Have Fun Getting Snapped

Once you’ve found a photographer you can trust and discussed your vision of the perfect snaps for your wedding album, it’s time to sit back  and look forward to being the centre of attention! So long as you’ve found someone with glowing reviews and you’re able to communicate your style, you have nothing to worry about. Half the time you will forget they are there so relax and have fun getting snapped.

Happy Planning!